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This folio contains the complete transcriptions of the CD Neshamah. The guitar solos for each piece are also included in a separate section.

Titles include:

1. The Baal Shem Tov's Melody
2. Hamisha Asar
3. Odessa Mama (Odesa Mame)
4. Skrip, Klezmerl Skripe
5. Los Caminos de Sirkeci
6. Kad Jawajuni
7. A Hora Mit Tzibeles
8. Viva Orduena
9. Quando el Rey Nimrod
10. A Leybedike Honga
11. The Shoemaker's Melody
12. Freylich
13. Sholem Aleichem
14. Naftule Spielt Far Dem Rebin
15. Addio Querida

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Fingerstyle Excursions

Fingerstyle Excursions

The pieces in this collection are derived from the recordings The Nutcracker Suite and Guitar Bazaar. They represent two fundamental approaches to "juggling" a solo guitar: arranging and composing. Tim's adaptation of Tchiakovsky's Nutcracker Suite is known for its excellence and ingenuity, while his extraordinary talent for composition is exhibited in his beautiful rhythmic elaborations on Eastern European folk dances. In notation and tablature. 88 pages with an accompanying CD.

Titles include:

1. March of the Toy Soldiers
2. Guitar Bazaar
3. Bach n Aliya
4. It's Greek to Me
5. Sleeping Giant
6. Chasing the Dragon
7. Sailing to Byzantium
8. Dr. Smedvig's Berzerka

Balkan Dreams Suite

Balkan Dreams Suite

The music of the Balkans presents a treasure trove of possibilities to a fingerstyle guitarist. The pieces presented here are a small representation of the songs and dances to be encountered, really just scratching the surface. It is my hope that this collection will inspire your own investigations, adaptations and compositions.

Titles include:

1. Merak N'Ty Ubana
2. Dimineatsa Dupa Nunta
3. Samiotisa
4. The Blues on Bartok St.
5. Karsilama Interlude
6. Chekerjankino
7. Cymbalom Dance
8. Gorome
9. U Largove Pa Ba Za
10. Fiddle Melody

Guitar Player, March 1997
Balkan Dreams Suite
by James Rotondi

Review Grade: A

If you're hungry for new rhythmic and harmonic material to chew on, try the exotic cuisine former National Fingerstyle Champion Tim Sparks serves up in this excellent volume. Drawing on the music of the former Yugoslavia as well as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, these selections boast thrilling odd-meter rhythms--predominantly a lilting 7/8--evocative quarter-tone ornamentation and cool harmonies; check out Sparks' original "The Blues on Bartok St." to get out of your pentatonic rut. With the increasing visibility of Balkan composer/guitarists like Dusan Bogdanovic and Miroslav Tadic, now's a good time to discover the rich musical tradition of these regions, and Sparks' book is the perfect gateway Includes a gorgeous play-along CD that's worth the price of admission.

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Guitar Bazaar

Guitar Bazaar

The pieces in this collection are derived from the recording Guitar Bazaar.

Titles include:

1. Bach-n-Aliya
2. The Rain Beggar
3. Guitar Bazaar
4. The Sleeping Giant
5. Chasing the Dragon
6. Rumanian Folk Dances
7. It's Greek to Me
8. Sailing to Byzantium
9. Dr. Smedvig's Berzerka

The Nutcracker Suite

The Nutcracker Suite

The pieces in this collection are derived from the recording The Nutcracker Suite.

Titles include:

1. Overture
2. March of the Toy Soldiers
3. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
4. Trepack - Cossack Dance
5. Arabian Dance
6. Chinese Dance
7. Dance of the Reed Pipes
8. Waltz of the Flowers

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